Superflag 〉  It’s not just a flag, it’s a feeling!

The feeling you get when you see hundreds of people working together for a common goal…
the feeling you get when you see that first set of stars unveiled…
the feeling in your heart and throat as you remember all of those who have suffered, bled and died to keep her flying.

If you have seen a giant sized American flag chances are it was a Superflag! Our super size American flags have provided audiences around the United States with excitement and awe-inspiring displays of patriotism for over two decades!

Three Superflags are available for rental:
SUPERFLAG I (95 x 130 ft) requires at least 150 volunteers
SUPERFLAG II (160 x 300 ft) at least 265 volunteers.
THE SUPERFLAG (255 x 505 ft) at least 600 volunteers.

Contact us for rental information or a quote:
Call: (562) 431- 4332 or fill in our email enquiry form

Flag Store 〉   Superflag is your source for American-made flags!

Superflag has proudly sold American-made flags for 20 years. Superflag is an authorized dealer for Annin Flags, America’s largest and oldest flag manufacturer. Shop our secure online store below.

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