Rent Superflag

Having a Superflag unfurl at your next event, whether it is a sporting event, a parade, a holiday festival or a company celebration will evoke feelings of motivation and patriotism to all witnessing the momentous occasion.

Despite wars, conflicts, debates, and changes within our society, one thing has remained constant: Our love for our nation’s flag!

Superflag is guaranteed to strike a cord in the hearts of everyone who loves this country, and will ensure your event will be remembered for years to come.

Superflag Rental Enquiry

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For rental information or to recieve a quote, please fill in the online form or call at (562) 431-4332 or fax at (562) 431-0244

Three Superflags are available for rental:

SUPERFLAG I (95 x 130 ft) requires at least 150 volunteers

SUPERFLAG II (160 x 300 ft) at least 265 volunteers.

THE SUPERFLAG (255 x 505 ft) at least 600 volunteers